Monthly Archives: November 2008

Jo Ratcliffe Font Maker

Christ, this month’s vogue was really full of inspiration! Another great find in there was the series of typefaces designed especially for the fashion fantasy issue. The designer behind these fonts was another female, Jo Ratcliffe (good on the female designs for making such a great issue of vogue even better!).

The addition of these fonts made the articles and cover really POP! It’s fantastic to see fonts other than regular sans-serif’s used! woo for fancy fonts!

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Su Blackwell

So, I mentioned in my weekly good stuff about the papercut books that were in this months vogue? Well, the artist who made them is called Su Blackwell, and here’s some of her amazing work….

I’m a great fan of anything connected to fairytales and stories, and as an avid book collector the book sculpture that Su Blackwell creates are just… ah! fabulous. You may have seen some of the alice in wonderland ones around before, I sure have!

This one’s the Wizard of Oz, which is super ace I think. I think that the books used are the actual stories that the scenes are from, which makes these even more special.

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Who’s Your Favourite Author?

So? Who is it? For me, it’s Neil Gaiman. It has to be. I’m not some kinda fangirly ‘omgosh he’s so in vogue’ kinda fan. I’ve been reading and rereading his books and graphic novels for nigh on 7 years now, having been introduced to him by Adam. Last night we got to go to a reading/q&a about his new book, ‘The Graveyard Book’. It was an epic encounter, for many reasons, and definitely deserves a whole blog post about it!

Shitting hell though, the motorway was well packed up when we set off causing us to be a few minutes late. We even RAN from the carpark to the venue, which made me get asthma, tuh. Sorry if anyone there heard a coughing girl whilst Neil was reading :/ Anyway, luckily we didn’t miss anything ‘cos there was this n00b from the University talking for a few minutes beforehand. We did manage to get there in time for the epoch opening band though :D So, kids, apparently Jonathon Coulton (you know, the guy who wrote that song at the end of the orange box?) was playing at one of the Academy’s that night too and loads of geeks people had emailed Neil to complain about having to make one of the hardest decisions of their lives. Neil, being the ever so kind man that he is, wanted to reward those who’d made the right choice at attending his event by arranging a special 2 song gig by Paul & Storm and Jonathon. Totally rocked my almost-asthma-attacking socks! I have a couple of short videos somewhere.. Anyway, Jonathon sang Skull Crusher Mountain which was fantabulous.

Ok, so after the intro band, Neil started reading from ‘The Graveyard Book’. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time for a full chapter so we got half of chapter 3. The book sounds so so good, even though it’s a childrens book (think… coraline, but aimed at slightly older kids) it still has that Gaiman edge that makes such a special read. I’ve yet to read it in full so I’ll talk about it more when I’ve completed it.

There was then a Q&A, much hilarity ensued when someone asked about what it was like meeting Steve Ditko. Not ‘cos of Ditko himself, rather who Neil met him with… the currently infamous Jonathon Ross. Oh-a-ho-ho!

Yes, anyway, then was the signing… I asked Neil how Robopanda was doing… He said he hadn’t had chance to play with him much. Bah! I got my new copy of The Graveyard Book signed and an aged copy of American gods that belongs to Adam (it’s been read twice by Me, Adam and Adams brother.. it’s kinda like a relic). Yes, super fun times!

Taken by Adam with super blurry camera!

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Hi guys, did you have a good halloween? We totally did! As I mentioned on Friday, we went dressed up as Mario & Luigi. Thursday night was spent constructing out oversized hats and getting everything together for our outfits. Here’s how we turned out:

dressed as mario and luigi

We couldn’t be bothered with the tasches in the end, I figured it’d just end up smearing all over my face… and Adam pretty much has one anyway. So we ran around like we we’re in a platform game most of the night, got our photos taken by complete random people and got totally drunk! Ah! Lovely.

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