Monthly Archives: December 2009

2009 in brief

So it’s the last day of 2009 and the last day of the ‘noughties’. I had a good year, here’s a brief run down of what happened (in no particular order what-so-ever).

  • Bought a dump of a house.
  • Spent most of the year fixing up said dump of house, adding tetris tiles, bright colours and depleting my bank account.
  • Headed over to Hong Kong to visit a friend, great experience!
  • Passed my driving test first time.
  • Started to learn Spanish.
  • Went back to life drawing class.
  • Adopted two mental kittens.
  • Started selling FinestImaginary at craft fairs and finally meeting some customers rather than them being faceless email addresses!
  • FinestImaginary had it’s very own print ad in Bust magazine (okay, okay, it was only tiny… but it’s a start!).
  • Cut a fringe back into my hair and liked it (believe me, this is an achievement).
  • Saw some great live music, cat empire, bat for lashes, gym class heroes…
  • Went to the cinema far too much/little.
  • Dressed as Hermoine to Adam’s Harry for Halloween.
  • Went to Jodrell bank and saw the giant telescope!

Big plans for next year. Not only is it the start of a new decade, but I enter the realms of real adulthood when I turn 25 in 11 days, shitting hell. I have lots of things on my to-do list, exciting! Hope you all have a good NYE (we’re sick so staying in and having tapas and cheap as hell homemade sangria). Hopefully the blog will be back to regular scheduled posting next week too.


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