Monthly Archives: January 2010

Kitten Cats

So Bramble & Pumpkin are fast growing into full sized cats now, I thought I’d share some recent photos of them with you. Everyone likes cat photos, right?





We left out grill pan out to wash after cooking bacon on Sunday morning. Came back to it at lunch time to wash it, only to find some cheeky little bastard had discovered a taste for bacon grease… nice!

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Christmas Kitchen ’09

Like last Christmas, we spent a good deal of time in our brand new kitchen in the winter of ’09 creating tastey treats for our families for part of their Christmas gifts. This year we upped the ante a little and added some new things, jazzed up old things and got bigger and better than before!

This year our gift boxes included

  • Luxury Christmas Puddings (with walnuts, cranberries and stuffed full of booze and fruit)
  • Spiced apple chutney
  • Piccalilli (I hate, hate, hate shop bought piccalilli but the recipe we use is sooo good!)
  • Green Tomato Chutney (using the last of our home grown tomatoes)
  • Sweet Chili Jam
  • Lime curd
  • Peanut brittle
  • Dark chocolate dipped cinder toffee
  • Shortbread
  • Pear wine (made with pears from my parent’s garden)
  • Plum mead (made with plums from my parent’s garden)

Here was the labelling assembly line on Christmas eve, I designed the labels in the morning and we set to packaging everything up in the afternoon…



cinder toffee

Hopefully I’ll have chance to write up some of the recipes before summer this time ;)

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