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Glasgow School of Art

Some photos I took of the exterior of the Glasgow School of Art the other weekend. I didn’t do the inside tour, it was 9 bastarding pounds :O Maybe next time.

(click the images to see them larger)

(Apparently Glasgow can look like San Francisco in the sunshine)

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Willow Tearooms, Glasgow

On Tuesday in Glasgow, the boy and I headed to the Willow Tearooms on Sauchiehall Street for an over-priced tourist breakfast. I’d already scouted out the menu on a recent walk-by of the place (which I ridiculously forgot to photo from the front, what.a.douche.) so pretty much knew what I’d be having.

The Willow tearooms was originally designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for this woman who owned a whole host of tearooms in Glasgow. She sold up at some point, and the tearooms closed. Then some lovely person bought and restored the Sauchiehall street tearoom, and also recreated another Willow tearoom elsewhere in the city.

The tea list is immense, it being a tearoom and that, and as I’m not really a seasoned tea-drinker (well, I drink either regular ol’ black tea or a bunch of herbal shit) we decided to go down the safe route and opted for Scottish Breakfast tea-for-two.

In which an astrophysicist waits longingly for his eggs. Ignore the cave man look, he needs a hair cut… GET A HAIR CUT.

Nice cuppa. They serve the tea the old way, loose leaf with a cute strainer, milk and natural cut sugar lumps. Dude, I never have sugar, let alone sugar in lump form. Best. Day. Ever!

Everything is freakin’ monogrammed, they really bought into the whole Mackintosh font thing here. Ah well, can’t blame them.

MINE! I went for Scottish smoked salmon and eggs. They really gave me a whole heap of fish here, and it was nice fish, too. Sometimes smoked salmon makes me gag, but this was nice.

… And a patient Adam waiting to tuck in to his Arbroath Smokie and eggs. I, however, cannot abide fish with super tiny throat-and-lung puncturing bones in it. Why not just eat something embedded with pins? hum? mentalist.

Served with a mound of wholegrain toast.

The damage?
Scottish breakfast tea for two £4.20
Smoked Salmon & eggs £6.15
Arbroath Smokie & eggs £6.50

I think they then added a bunch of stuff on, not a service charge I don’t think? anyway, the bill came to closer to £18.00. Nice though.

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Recipe: Cornbread

Ah, corn bread, just the right side of sweet to be served with savoury food! When we first made this recipe we hadn’t tried cornbread before, but I can certainly confirm that it’s just like the real deal since trying it in the USA recently!

We served this with a crab bisque, but it’s nice on its own, it’s quite a sweet bread too so certainly satisfies a sweet craving!

You’ll need:
375g plain flour
225g cornmeal (or polenta, if you can’t find this in your supermarket check your local Indian food stores)
1 tsp salt
4 tsp baking powder
110g sugar
480ml milk
2 medium eggs
110g melted butter
good handful of frozen/tinned sweetcorn

First things first, preheat your oven to 200ºC (180 if you’re fan assisted!) and get your favourite heavy-weight brownie tin ready. I used a 9″ square brownie tin for this, but any other square tin would work fine. This needs to be quite a shallow bread.

Combine all the ingredients except the sweetcorn in a mixing bowl, make sure all the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed through the wet, we don’t want any lumps!

Add the sweetcorn, I used frozen (if you’re still getting tins.. why?! this stuff is SO convenient, AND has more vitamins ‘cos of that whole ‘we freeze it right away!’ thing) for this recipe and didn’t need to thaw it first.

After that is all combined, pour it into your baking tin. You might want to grease your baking tin first if you’re unsure of its non-stick qualities.

After approximately 20-30 minutes in the oven (ours was certainly NOT ready after 20 minutes, infact it was in there for more like 35 minutes) your cornbread should be golden brown on top. Test if it’s fully ready by skewering the centre, if the skewer comes out clean then your bread *should* be done.

Cut into equal square chunks and enjoy!

Based on this Neneh Cherry & Andi Oliver cornbread recipe

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Magazine Scrapbook

A severe guilty pleasure of mine is the purchasing of fashion magazines, alongside a subscription to Elle, I sometimes pick up Vogue or Harpers just for more eye-candy kicks. Unfortunately my house isn’t quite big enough to store a full back catalogue of all my magazine purchases, and let’s face it, do any of us really sit down and re-read them?

Instead, I’ve started ripping and snipping my favourite bits from the magazines and sticking them in my big scrap-book-type-thing. It’s therapeutic, here’re some of the pages in progress, who knows if a page will ever actually be finished, I tend to just go back and see which things fit. The pages are nice to flick through for some instant inspiration.

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