Monthly Archives: May 2011

Islands of Adventure

I love Islands of Adventure, it has the best roller coasters! I only took a few photos while we were there, I was way too into having fun… I’m going to do a separate post about the Wizarding World part of the park, it really deserves it.



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Universal Studios

I’m finally getting around to sorting through and processing the photos I took when we were in Florida, it’s a mammoth task!! The first theme park we hit was Universal Studios, an old favourite with a few changes. It really didn’t take us long to make our way around it though, we got there first thing and ended up heading to Islands of Adventure for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Without further ado, and with barely any descriptions…

(these were some of the best fries I’ve ever had, amazing!)

(Playing with a ‘vintage’ action that I just created in photoshop, thought it was quite fitting with the diner jukebox!)

As sad as I was that back to the future has gone, I have to say the new Simpsons ride was really good! The building looks totally different, and the inside has been re-branded so well!

I believe I’d just seen that the Starbucks wasn’t open yet, so a frappuccino fix wasn’t gonna happen any time soon…

Next up Islands of Adventure, and an entire post dedicated to Wizarding World!

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Ephemera Find

I was riffling through the ephemera stall on the market this Tuesday and came across this cute Christmas card. It’s so weirdly wonderful that I couldn’t leave without it, andΒ I’m still in Disney mode after Orlando. There were some other equally strange things that I could’ve quite easily bought, maybe next week…

“May you have a Royal time this Christmas and every day of the year to come”

Who’s the guy? Royal? What?

I’ll be coming back to you shortly with a bunch of Florida posts, still trying to get my shit together at home (ie. catching up with EVERYTHING and doing hundreds of laundry loads).

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Hello from Key West

Well, we’re here! The drive today wasn’t too bad, straight down the US1 from Key Largo, a short and sweet 90ish miles. It took us little over 2 hours, and we dropped the car off at the airport before checking in at our plush hotel/motel, Orchid Key Inn. We spent this afternoon strolling around, doing a bit of bar hopping, kicking back at the hotel, and eating some great meals. I just had the biggest dish of jambalaya evvveeerrr.

This is one of the reasons I love Key West:

There are so many just wandering the streets! And as we were walking back from dinner they were just starting to roost in the trees, ah!

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Baby Gators

We drove through the Everglades & Big Cypress park today on the Tamiami trail, we got stuck at one point for 3 hours due to a car wreck… that kinda sucked :/

At one rest stop we walked along a half-mile board walk with the promise of a gator look out spot at the end, when we got there it was all dried up and we weren’t expecting to see anything… BUT we caught a glimpse of a gator hiding in the nearby grasses, and just below the boardwalk I saw two baby gators! Amazing! It was pretty creepy walking the boardwalk on our own, it was pretty deep undergrowth and the wildlife sounds were crazy O_O

All in all the journey took 6 hours, we stopped at another visitor centre with a boardwalk and saw LOADS of gators, they’re scary huge. Currently relaxing in our Key Largo hotel room with a beer after feasting on crab cakes and mojitos.Tomorrow we’re driving down the rest of the keys and finishing up in Key West.

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