A day in the life // Scout came home!

Phew, what a tiring day! Scout came home this morning!

We went to pick her up at 9.45am. So far, there’s been a lot of napping + playing + inquisitive and super impressive cats. Seriously, the cats have been great. They hid a little while when she first came home, but have been sneaking up to Scout’s indoor playpen to spy on her all day. We couldn’t have asked for a better start with them all.

Right now, she’s snoozing on the rug in the lounge with her toy donkey. To see more photos of her over the next few days, follow me on instagram!

pumpkin-cat scout-golden-retriever-puppy-1 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-3 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-4 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-5 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-6 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-8 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-9 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-10 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-11 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-12 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-13 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-14 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-15 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-16 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-17 scout-golden-retriever-puppy-18
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