American Gods


With lots of debate, I’ve come to the conclusion that American Gods by Neil Gaiman is my favourite book. I have lots of favourite books, though, so it was hard to put that stamp on just one. I could’ve easily picked the Harry Potter series, or His Dark Materials. But no. American Gods.

I first read American Gods 11 years ago. Adam and I had just started going out, and he introduced me to his favourite graphic novel author – Neil Gaiman. Turned out I’d already read something by him that I loved, his collaboration with Terry Pratchett on Good Omens.

Adam bought this copy when he was in Canada for a family holiday, and gave it to me to read while I went on a family holiday to Florida. Any boy that could lend me my favourite book was surely a keeper!

Since then we’ve both read and re-read this particular copy of American Gods, for a paperback it’s held up pretty well. I have another copy, a recently released “Author’s preferred text” version. However, when it came to meeting Neil Gaiman at a signing in Manchester a few years ago there was only one book that I wanted signing.


American Gods intertwines folklore, mythology, faith and the human condition into one gloriously epic tale that sticks with you for years. I never tire of it, and still read it ever couple of years. There’s going to be a TV adaptation soon which makes me nervous and excited. I’m confident it won’t be a fuck up, Neil Gaiman is heavily involved with the screenplay.

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