Campylobacter and other fun puppy tales

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post about Scout, our golden retriever puppy. I thought I’d update you on our/her progress since she turned 3 months old yesterday!


Last time I mentioned that she’d not been so well, with a bit of a poorly tummy resulting in sleepless nights and 4am puppy baths. Well, we finally got some test results back (after a few more disturbed nights of sleep, and one night that will go down in history as “the time Adam had to wear a pillowcase as a gas mask + we used 5 rolls of kitchen tissue”). It turns out our little pup has contracted campylobacter, a bacterial issue in the intestines.

It’s pretty common in puppies, and they get it from eating infected faeces. Some neighbourhood cats seemed to be using our garden as a toilet, and cat poop had become a delicacy of Scout’s, we’re guessing she picked it up there. So, £150+ plus later, Scout’s now on some banana flavoured antibiotics (meant for humans) and her poops are back on schedule! I’ve never been so happy to see a solid stool :D


Now that we’ve got that under control, our nights are working out MUCH better. She wakes up for a pee at around 2.30am and settles down soon after before waking again at 4.30am. This morning was the first time that she went straight back to sleep at that time, before wanting to be up and playing at 5.50am. Tomorrow we’re taking her out for her first ever walk! We’re secretly hoping that this’ll really help her sleep longer.

Her training is coming along brilliantly! We’ve been training with treats and a clicker, and she gets so excited when she hears the clicker rattle. She’s mastered ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Crawl’, ‘Back it up’ and ‘Roll over’ (although struggles a little with that when treats aren’t involved). We’ve just started work on ‘Paw’ and ‘Spin’, and I’m trying to figure out what to move on to next!

Some other quick fire facts:

  • She LOVES the car, we’ve made sure to take her out in it loads while she’s still young. We’re getting her a harness for the back seat soon, she’s outgrown her car-box.
  • Crate training has helped us out so much. It makes leaving her on her own much less stressful. 
  • She prefers cream cheese over peanut butter as a kong filling!
  • She has a bunch of  teeth coming through, turning her into a chew monster.
  • Whistling the muppets theme sends her crazy.
  • Her favourite toy is a stuffed rat from ikea.

The cats are progressing, too. They try and avoid her when she’s having a crazy time, but otherwise they’ll hang out in the same room without any problems. Scout keeps trying to make friends with them, but it freaks them out a little and they quickly scarper.

I’ll take some photos on our first walk tomorrow :)

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  • Awww brilliant! You can teach her to “wave” her paw – that’s really easy for them & v cute as well :) x

  • All sounds a lot more enjoyable. We to you crate training was good :-)