Finest Imaginary heads to London!

I got some pretty exciting news on Saturday night, we got accepted to take part in the first ever London Renegade Craft Fair! Finest Imaginary will be sharing stall space with the wonderful Miso Funky, both heading south for the weekend :)

It’ll be the first time Finest Imaginary has been a vendor at a London based fair, so it’s super exciting. I have lots of hard work ahead of me to make sure our stall looks the best it can, it’s pretty daunting, the renegade fairs are HUGE! I’m hoping to meet lots of my fellow designer makers from the UK, and hopefully even some from the USA (I think a few people are heading over for the event?). If you get chance you should definitely come down, it’s a full 2 days of fantastic Christmas Shopping ;)

I’ll also be in London next weekend for another exciting opportunity, I’m slightly nervous about that one.

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  • See you there! I’m going this time to shop and sound it out. Good luck! x

  • yay for us! so excited :)

  • well done thats awesome! didn’t know it was going over to the UK.

  • Congratulations!

  • Oo I will definitely come! That’s Alex’s birthday weekend so we’ll probably be spending it in London anyway :)

  • Sorry I missed a few of your posts, I can’t wait to hear/read all about the craft fair, I hope you’ll take some photos? Did you say Christmas shopping.. OH YEA!

  • Ooh, that sounds fun! I hope you have a good time!