Running around in Harry Potter Land

A weekend or two ago, Adam and I paid a visit to a Castle in Northumberland. This magical place was where parts of the Harry Potter films were made! :O Amazing.

Firstly, they have this amazing Treehouse (based on Rivendell I believe, you know, Lord of the rings style) in the gardens of the castle. It’s actually a restaurant which is kinda cool!

1. Alnwick castle, 2. Dragon slaying at Alnwick castle, 3. View from Alnwick castle, 4. Alnwick castle Quidditch, 5. Alnwick castle, 6. Alnwick castle Lamp

I had a super fun time running around pretending it was Hogwarts, much much fun! We also got to go to an amazing second hand book store in Alnwick, called barter books. UK people, if you ever get a chance to go there, go in a second! They have like, thousands and thousands of second hand, amazing smelling, fabulously aged paperbacks and hardbacks. And you can just sit and read them! With a coffee! and a toastie! :D

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