Busy as a Bee

There’s been SO MUCH going on these past few weeks that I’m still trying to process it all!


Firstly, I took part in Blognix, the blogger picnic. It was my first time standing up and speaking in front of people, but I conquered my nervousness and had a really great day. I did my talk twice, basically a few hints and tips about blog design, what to do and what not to do. I hope people got something out of it!


Secondly, we’ve been busy getting our house ready for Scout, our golden retriever puppy. We’ve finally settled on a name and she comes home a week today! Super exciting. We’ve had to do quite a lot of stuff in the garden to make it puppy proof, including fixing up our neighbour’s fence & securing any escape routes. Around the house we’ve mainly just been making sure there’s nothing hanging around on the floor, installing some safety gates so that she can’t get near the kitty litter tray or up/down stairs without our help for the first few weeks.

We went and saw her again over the weekend and she’s grown so much!


Thirdly, because of impending puppy-dom, I’ve been trying to clear my work decks so that I can take it easy and spend lots of time with Scout during in her first couple of weeks. That means lots of site launches including the brand new Wishwishwish.net design, where I did the build, Carrie did the design and Kris did the illustrations.

Now that I’ve gotten a little more headspace I have a few blog posts planned. I can’t wait to get back into it!

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I blogged (almost) every day in May!


I’ve made it! I blogged almost every day this month, apart from when I didn’t have great internet access or had to prioritise client deadlines (like the past couple of days).

It’s been an interesting few weeks, and made me consider a lot about my blog. I’ve met lots of lovely new people though the month, too. While I’m not going to be blogging every day anymore, I feel like I have a new found interest in regular blogging!

Here are some of the posts I enjoyed writing the most this month:

It’s been a good ‘un! :)


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Morning Rituals

Heading towards the end of my blogging (almost) every day in May! I think I’ve only missed a few days so far… Today’s post is about morning rituals, what do I do each morning to set myself up for the day?


I don’t function very well without coffee in the morning, I don’t think it’s even so much the caffeine but just the ritual of making it. We have an espresso machine that Adam’s parents got us for Christmas a year or so ago, and I use it every day, sometimes more than once!

We always start the day with a crappy instant coffee, though, it’s faster and easier while we’re rushing around at 6.30am. After Adam leaves at around 7.20am, I get started on my work in the office. By about 7.40am, after setting up what I’ll be working on for the next few hours, I’ll head back downstairs and make an espresso (or a latte, or a cuban espresso… whatever I’m feeling).

I get a weekly coffee delivery from eightpointnine (if you sign up with code GBQSNV5, you get 50% off your first box), so I have a different blend to try every week.

Sipping on an espresso while I’m getting into my day has definitely become one of my morning rituals, and afternoon rituals.. and sometimes early evening rituals. Mmm. Espresso.

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Birmingham Blognix

A week on Saturday (omfg), I’ll be taking part in/speaking at an event called Birmingham Blognix. Organised by Elizabeth from Rosalilium, blognix is a blogger event with a twist!

We are taking the standard conference format and turning it on its head. We want to learn new skills to take our blogs to the next level. We also want to meet other Bloggers, network, connect and most importantly have fun. We believe that some of the best lessons come from conversation. This event is part picnic, part meet-up and part conference. The aim of the day is to learn, to be inspired, to connect and to have fun.

I’ll be running a couple of blog design round-tables where I’ll be discussing the ins and outs of making sure your blog is looking awesome, whether you’re DIYing or paying someone else to do it for you.  Half of my session will be focused on tackling your burning questions while you watch me squirming in my seat – erk! The other topics I’ll be covering include:

  • My pro tips for simple blog branding
  • My favourite resources (both paid and free)
  • Simple tweaks you can make to take your default blog design to the next level
  • User experience basics – dude, I can’t see half of your sidebar! 
  • Just because you like something, doesn’t mean it should belong in your blog design.

This’ll be my first time doing any public speaking, so I’m pretty excited (and scared!). Please come along, the tickets are a steal at just £20Plus! I’ll be offering all Blognix attendees 25% off my soon to be released WordPress course.

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Meet our Puppy…


We went and chose our Golden Retriever puppy this morning. The litter is 4 weeks old now, and we picked between the two remaining girls. All the pups were adorable, strong, lively and playful – it was a really tough choice! We met their mum, who was incredibly friendly, and not at all defensive or aggressive. The pups are being brought up in a house with a cat, which is a huge bonus for us.


The puppy we picked was one of the darker furred ones, and she has a little white mark on the top of her head. We’ve not 100% settled on a name right now, but we’re leaning towards Luna. She seemed a little more robust and playful than the other girl, but really, all of them were full of beans!


I can’t wait to bring her home in 4 weeks, we’ve got dog stuff laying around the house already so that the cats can get used to it all.  I’m sure they’ll all get along fine eventually, but we’re ready for a tough first few days of introductions!

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