Thoughts on Friday


Last week in Burghead, Scotland

I missed last week’s ToF because I was travelling back from Scotland. That 7 hour drive was a killer, we made it almost all the way home without any traffic jams or anything, though, so that’s always good!

I’ve been struggling to catch up with everything this week, but I’m happy to say that I’ve got a couple of projects done and dusted, and my life is feeling a lot less cluttered. We’re also going to see our puppy for the first time tomorrow, so exciting!

  • I’ve been hunting for a new bed this week, and SO many people have recommended Warren Evans to me! I think we’re pretty much decided on this one.
  • Great photo collection of people with freckles. I love freckles.
  • Speaking on photography, I got sucked right in to the National Geographic tumblr this week. Lost hours!
  • Danielle is having a ‘Pay what you can‘ day for her Desire map, but be quick, ends soon!
  • Here’s the lovely Kaelah wearing one of my custom name necklacesj in her latest blog post.
  • Incase you didn’t get the memo, Arrested Development starts up on Netflix this weekend. Unfortunately I have to wait to watch any as Adam’s away for work until Wednesday. Gutted.

It’s another bank holiday weekend, are you doing anything fun? I’ll be working I think, from my sofa office, as Adam won’t be here. I’m taking the Wednesday off to watch Arrested Development, so it’s not all bad!

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How to accept a compliment


I don’t know about you, but I’m incredibly British when it comes to accepting compliments. I always try and pass things off, “Oh it wasn’t that hard really…” or, “Well, I guess I just lucked out!”.

It seems ingrained in many of us that we should always be humble when anyone issues us a compliment. I’m calling bullshit!

You know what, we all work so unbelievably hard at damn near everything that disregarding an achievement as “luck” is just down right ludicrous. You should be proud of whatever you’ve achieved, and if someone compliments you, then you should graciously accept it.

Why you should accept compliments…

  • It makes you feel good & confident to have your hard work recognised, revel in it for a bit.
  • It makes the other person feel good because they made you feel good, you’re saying that you trust their judgement and appreciate their opinion.
  • It leads to interesting conversation and an exchange of advice.

How do you accept a compliment?

  • Be confident in, and aware of your achievements. You know how hard you worked, you know it wasn’t just luck.
  • When someone compliments you, be gracious “Thanks so much for saying that, I really gave it all I had and I’m happy with the results” is so much better than “Well, what did you expect?”.
  • Consider the context of the compliment. If it’s something minor, “I really like your outfit”, then there’s no need to tell them Every. Damn. Thing. about the shopping trip. However, if you’re being complimented on completing your first 10k race then it’s a great chance to discuss how you went about training for it, or swap work-out tips, just make sure you’re not boring them!
  • Don’t always assume you need to give a compliment in return, I believe that compliments should be given sincerely and not as payment, but it’s always nice to try and return the compliment at some point.

Choo-choo, all aboard the compliment train!

PS. I really like your hair today, did you do something new?

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Lovely Sponsors

I’ve got some great sponsors on the blog this month, and I’d like to introduce to them!

 Ever thought about adding video to your blog, but unsure where to start? Posts production offer video workshops to take you through the steps! Brilliant idea!

Anna’s lovely shop, Custom Made, is where you can find a variety of beautiful things. I’m particularly smitten with this little peanut necklace.

A Wooden Tree makes some amazing decorative homewares from delicious fabrics, take a look at the vintage fabric stags. So cute!

Got a wedding or special event coming up that you want documenting? James Lloyd offers contemporary photography that’d be perfect for the occasion.

Mellybee makes a range of screen printed delights, my favourite are the aprons!

Holly takes wonderful lifestyle/modelled product photos for creative brands, perfect for lookbooks.

Cross stitch brilliance from the Bellwether in the form of kits & samplers. Be quick, they’re taking a break soon!


Check out the vibrant yarns from Loophole, almost makes me want to take up knitting again!

Beautiful array of fabric goods from Made by Mrs M, everyone could use another blanket.

Adorable jewellery from Clairabellemakes, I’m pretty taken with the fabric covered rings.

You can be a sponsor of Hiphopsideproject at any time by clicking through to the sponsor page :)


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I wasn’t feeling today’s BEDM topic, so instead I thought I’d show you some photos from our trip up to Scotland last week with my parents. I didn’t take too many this year, since we pretty much visited the same places as last year.

We stopped off just outside of Glasgow on our way up, heading up to our log cabin in Elgin the next day. During the trip we visited several distilleries and some local sights (including Auldearn Antiques, just incase you were worried about the random bath). We drove back down on Friday in one loooooong drive!

scotland-1 scotland-2 scotland-3 swans

This was pretty special, on a trip to Nairn we saw two swans and their new signets (apparently born just 4 days before) take their first swim (according to locals). Not something you see every day!


The final hoard. Should keep us going a while! Adam bought me a little hip flask, I just need an occasion to use it ;)

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10 ways to make your job even better


I’m incredibly lucky to love what I do, disregarding the frustrating moments when I’m working on accounts or something. I know that a lot of you also have jobs that you love, or have created your business to your own specifications. It’s awesome to wake up feeling like you can’t wait to get to work!

So, when you have the perfect job, how do you make your job even better? Here are 10 ways!

Outsource the annoying stuff

Something you really hate doing? Get someone else to do it! For me, that’s submitting a tax return, so I have an accountant who takes care of it. Maybe for you it’s copywriting, social media updates, graphic design. Places like odesk allow you to hire freelancers for jobs that you’d like to outsource.

Get picky

If you’re setting your own work schedule or finding your own work, then now’s the time to get selective. Choose projects that will challenge you, invigorate you and make you feel excited!


Not loving it? It might be time to reevaluate your work. Why did you choose to do what you do? Are you even still doing the things that excite you?

When I left my day job I’d realised what I was doing wasn’t exciting me at all, and because of that I wasn’t working to the best of my abilities. I realised I wanted to be creative and make things, work with creative people, and help them develop their dreams.

Invest in your environment

You have no idea how much happier I am since I redecorated my office!

Build a network

Discussing things with your peers is one sure fire way of finding more fun in your business, job or profession. Knowing that other people suffer the same problems as you, and having people to ask advice is pretty awesome!

Learn to relax

Dude. Chill. Read my post on switching off when you work from home.

Create measurable goals

I’m not talking those wishy-washy “I will have more clients in a few months time”, I’m talking “I will have 5 more clients in 6 months time”.  Do the whole SMART goal thing, Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timed. Being able to see when you’ve crossed off a goal is a huge boost!

You could even make it a game, I love this TED talk on the advantages of using game like scoring in real life.

Learn something new

We thrive when learning, so what could you learn that would benefit your business AND excite you? I love to look at marketing tutorials, take illustration classes, find out new technology and methods that make my job easier.

Step outside your comfort zone

I’ve recently signed up to do some speaking at events. I’m not a natural orator, and this is hugely scary for me, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be exhilarating and I believe in grabbing every opportunity with both hands!

Is there something you’ve been holding back from doing because of the fear?

Take a dance break

You have 5 minutes. Step away from my computer. Pick a song. Dance. I guarantee you’ll have the best work day!

What have you done to make your dream job even better? I’d love to know!

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