Something’s Gotta Give.

It’s been a while, eh?

I have a confession. I was on the edge of burning out. 

No one admits that, do they? That they’ve probably taken on too much and are struggling to get everything done and live life at the same time?

Looking back over the past couple of months, I think I’d severely underestimated just how much time would need to be devoted to puppy care. I should have probably said ‘No’ a few more times to certain (highly demanding, and not exactly satisfying) projects. I should have dedicated more time to myself and my family.


Gotta say, daily dog walks have kept me sane!

Instead, I’ve been working long days and weekends, feeling like I’m only just keeping on top of things, and letting my own projects slide to the back of the queue (again!). I’ve been ‘catching up’ while sat on the sofa, I haven’t been to any of my usual 3 x weekly gym sessions in longer than I care to mention, and I’ve even been sending business emails at family dinners.

I’ve been letting clients dictate my schedule, and not standing my ground with deadlines and work times.

If this was anyone else but me, I’d be screaming at them… “What are you DOING?! You’re going to BURN OUT”.

I had to let things slide. I’ve had no time to read or write blog posts, my iPad newsstand is bulging with new magazines for me to flick through, and an hour’s lazy pinterest browsing is something I could only dream of.

I’m pretty ashamed of myself for letting this happen, I know the pitfalls of taking on too much – hell, I think I’ve even blogged about it in the past – but it still somehow snuck up on me.

I’m adding a new line to my personal manifesto: Work hard, but not too hard.

You’ve probably guessed that if I’m writing this it means my way’s clearing a bit now, and it is. I have breathing space, and the idea of working on a personal project fills me with delight!

It’s good to see you again, you’re looking fabulous!


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  • Oh I hear you long and hard on this one, Kim!