Thoughts on Friday

I’m currently sat  with the sun streaming through the window, and an icepack on my thigh. Rough with the smooth and all that. I think I’ve badly pulled my left quad muscles.. by tying my shoelace. I know, it’s ridiculous.

It happened this morning 5 minutes before a gym class, I knelt down to tighten my lace and must’ve been at a strange angle or something and BOOM, massive pain in my thigh & an onset of nausea. Greeeeeeat! I’m hoping it’ll be a speedy recover.



Last night we watched Moonstruck, it’s the first time I’ve seen it and I really, really liked it. It had a feel of a Woody Allen movie to it, that kind of quirky romance with well timed quips and a backdrop of New York. It’s also rekindled my love for Young Nicolas Cage… & Cher’s hair. Have you seen it? I’d recommend it for a lazy Sunday afternoon movie (it’s on Netflix UK).


I didn’t give this its own post, but the bread I made this week was a wholemeal fruited number with an oat-dipped crust. However, I think my fresh yeast was on its last legs so the crumb wasn’t great.  I’ll make this again and share the recipe as.. dun dun DUNNNN… I sort of made this up myself. Well, I based the bread part on another recipe BUT THE FRUIT WAS ALL MINE!


I’m really interested in taking this map design class, sounds like a perfect little project for my Paris trip. And it’s only $20 to sign-up, sold!

Bri has started a new column about blogged, it’s a fun read for those who blog and want tips on making the process better/easier. This week’s was all about shooting DIY projects.

Holly blogged about her process of taking photos and transferring them directly to her iPad for editing – how cool! I’ve been looking at the eye-fi cards on and off for a while, still not sure I can justify the expense even though that have come down a lot.

Miguel & Carrie’s 5 minute filthy burgers look delicious, right?! Mmm… burgers…

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  • I stayed on Rue Beaurepaire when I was in Paris last and did a lot of those things! Du Pain et Des Idees is brilliant, buy the ‘l’escargot’ pastries :)

  • LittleHels

    That map drawing class looks fantastic, I reckon I’ll sign up myself!


  • That bread looks fantastic! I’ve recently delved into baking and my favourite thing to make right now is banana bread. Have to give regular bread a go some time (:

    x Michelle |

  • I can’t recommend the eye-fi. it actually slows my whole camera down – autofocus and between shots – quite noticeably. I definitely wouldn’t use it while out and about. It’s pretty fiddly to set up too, I still barely have it working :/

    • kim

      yikes – that’s no good! I don’t think it’s something I will be investing in any time soon :/