Thoughts on Friday


I opened up a question form on my blog this week, I’ve been getting lots of emails from people with questions that I think would benefit others, so here’s your chance to ask something that I’ll answer on my blog. Or on, or via email. Whatevs.


This week I discovered the photography of Vivian Maier (thanks to the Jasmine Star post I share below). I love high-contrast black and whites that look almost 3D, and if they’re from way-back-when then it’s even more enchanting. Spend a while flicking through the website today, they’re great.


I started my map course this week & I’ve been gathering map inspiration over on pinterest. The map above is available on Etsy, I love how simple it is. It’s interactive, too! My first mapping project is our trip to Paris, naturally, and I’ve been doing some small hand drawn maps of short walks/trips we need to take. I’m hoping to have some polished maps by the end of the project, maybe even something I can transfer to screen prints.

Jasmine Star shares the best 7 things she’s done for her business

Jo has a great post on how to style supermarket flowers so that they look less drab, great ideas!

Nubby shares the one thing she wishes someone had told her about blogging, it’s a good read.

The font of knowledge that is Marie tells us how to protect ourselves from non-paying clients. I recently had a non-paying saga of my own, and it really made me reconsider the way I deal with taking payments.

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