Top 5 Places I’ll Visit When I Make my Millions

Or, you know, save up enough money to visit over the next few years. I’ve been getting super itchy feet lately, wanting to visit some far off lands again. It was fun to go and visit Florida this year, but it only satiated my desire for travel. Here’s the top 5 (in no particular order) destinations currently on my list…

Borneo Orangutan // Mount Kinabalu // The Pinnacles in Mulu National Park


One word, Orangutans. I’m pretty obsessed with any kind of animal, and the chance to see them in the wild is a dream. The Orangutan is Adam’s favourite animal in the whole wide world (maybe after cats, though) all thanks to the Librarian in the Discworld books.

Borneo itself looks like an absolutely amazing place, it’s an island divided between Brunei, Indonesia & Malaysia and is one of the remaining homes of the Orangutans. We would be going to the North of the island, the Malaysian part, to the national parks and Orangutan sanctuaries.

We’ve investigated some pre-arranged adventure trips that you can take, they seem really good and perfect if you’ve never done that sort of thing before. You can see them here.

Stockholm // Gamla Stan // Dala Horses


I’m not quite sure when the idea of visiting Sweden got into my top 5, but it’s there. I’m a little bit of a Viking nerd, reading books & watching documentaries on the subject, so the thought of visiting another country with a rich Viking history is pretty neat.

There are a myriad of other reasons that I want to visit Sweden (particularly Stockholm); folk art like the Dala Horse, an excuse for fika, amazing architecture and the worlds largest ikea. I’ve been mulling over the Visit Stockholm site for a while now! We were hoping to fit in a trip this year but due to me going full-time self employed it wasn’t a wise investment ;) Next year, though!

Kyoto // Tokyo // Ghibli Museum


Japan has always been in my top 5 places to visit, from Tokyo to Kyoto, I want to seeeeee ittttt alllll! I’ve always been a little scared of going there, though, because I’ve heard that there’s not as much English Language ‘help’ as a lot of the other places I’ve visited (Hong Kong, for instance, has English everywhere). Not that I’m letting that put me off going or anything, if the chance does occur then I’ll be there in a flash!

I’d love to visit in the spring and see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, take a trip on a bullet train and eat way beyond my fill of delicious Japanese cuisine.

Taj Mahal // Kerala // Mysore Market


The bustle and life in India really draws me to this country, there just seems to be so much going on. I’d love to see the Himalayas, take a trip into Nepal, and visit the Taj Mahal.

I’ve been looking at this Indian Tours website for some inspiration, and it’s never ending! So much to do!

Colours  // Altar de Muertos  // Street Food


Mexico is quite a new contender on my list, but the more I find out about this country the more I want to visit it! Another country rich in history, colour and culture (and amazingly great food), it’s the kind of place that you’d definitely need to travel around to experience what it has to offer.

When we go I’d love to visit some of the ancient Mayan archaeological sites, fill up on fresh street & market food, and indulge in some beach side tequila & mezcal drinking. Nice!

Where in the world will you visit when you make your millions?

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  • Good list! Japan is very english-friendly really, especially Tokyo (all public transport is bilingual etc, a little less so in Kyoto). I’m desperate to go back, and India and Mexico are on my list too!

    • kim

      That’s good to know about Japan, not that I’d let the language thing bother me, but it’s always a little easier!

      • Yes, especially as a vegetarian…! I found that saying ‘arigato’ (thank you) and smiling a lot got me through :)

  • Ooh, awesome! Can I come?! (I’m only half joking; you’ll have millions – if I’m weird you can totally afford to escape me)

  • I thoroughly recommend a trip to (Malaysian) Borneo if you ever get the opportunity! My husband and I went in 2010 and we’re returning this year!! It’s that good, it’s like another world, although we didn’t manage to see any wild orangutans we went to a lovely sanctuary (Sepilok) where we seen loads of very happy orangutans and ended up sponsoring one! wonderful part of the world :)

    • kim

      We definitely would love to go, I think it might be our aim for 2013! :)