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Need a website? Not an effing clue about branding for your biz? The thought of product photography make you want to puke?

I got you, boo!

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Your business needs a website that converts. It needs a brand identity that makes it stand out from the crowd. It needs killer copy that keeps people hooked. And it needs it right freakin’ now. Sound about right? Buttttt… you’re too busy actually running that damn business to figure all this stuff out on your own. That’s where I come in!

Hey, I’m Kim

I design kick-ass brands and amazing websites (that actually, you know, work!) for creative bosses the world over. I also swear a lot, and drink way too much coffee… just getting that out of the way before we go annnyyy further.

Feel like your business is kicking its heels a bit? Not really fulfilling its awesome-sauce potential? Oh boy, I can’t wait to have a chat!