Hey, I’m Kim! I design kick-ass brands and amazing websites (that actually, you know, work!) for creative bosses the world over. I also swear a lot, and drink way too much coffee… just getting that out of the way before we go annnyyy further.

I know my shit when it comes to designing brand identities & making websites. I spent a few years working at a web development agency before spreading my wings and heading to the realms of freelance.

I love working with clients who know they want a website, know what they like, but don’t really know how to make it happen. I like to work honestly, telling the client from the outset if one of their grand website dreams won’t work within budget, keeping my clients up to date with the progress, and keeping lines of communication firmly open (by asana, skype, or twitter… you’ll think I’m stalking you by the end of the project).

I love to work with WordPress, Shopify, jQuery, and SASS – but then, you’re probably not that bothered how it works, so long as it works well, right?

I want you to succeed

Sounds incredibly corny, but I really do. When I was just starting out with websites and business, I really wish I’d had someone to nudge me in the right direction, hold my hand a bit, and guide me through the first steps. I didn’t want a business advisor or consultant, none of those wanky guys wearing suits and ties. I wanted someone who had been through exactly what I’d been through, and had weathered the storm successfully.

I’ve been working for myself for over 7 years now. I’ve trebled my income, learnt a shitload of lessons, and enjoyed (mostly) every second. Whether you’re hiring me to build your website, buying one of my information products, worksheets or courses, you can be sure that I’m guiding you with knowledge and experience.

More about Kim…

I’m based in Huddersfield, UK, but don’t let that put you off – we still have the internet in Yorkshire. I live with 2 crazy cats, 2 hyper golden retrievers and 1 astrophysicist. I design and make things for my brand Finest Imaginary, which I work on 50/50 with Kim Lawler Creative  (or, you know, sometimes 80/20, or 100/100 when I’m stupid).

I prefer whisky to vodka, I’m more likely to be found on a mountain than in the city, and think there’s noting better than a crappy action movie served up with Mexican food.

The KLC Team

KLC is mainly me, Kim, but I occasionally recruit the help from other freelance illustrators, photographers, copywriters and designers, too! It all depends on what the project entails. My amazing assistant Luci also helps me get my shit together, and you might hear from her when we work together!