10 Clever Ways to use ChatGPT in your Small Business

Are you ready to add a touch of genius to your business toolkit? AI and ChatGPT are the latest buzz in the small business world, I’ve been using it for my own biz for a few months now and it’s been a useful addition to my everyday tools. Let’s explore 10 clever ways ChatGPT can […]

5 Easy ways to drive traffic to your website

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a bajillion times, your website will only work for you if you work for it. You can just sit back and expect the People of The Internet to find you, no siree! There are myriad websites that they could choose to visit, why would they choose yours? […]

The studio that never was and a new look KLC

Well, hello! It’s been a while, eh? I know, I know. It’s that old cobbler’s kids idiom, I’ve been so busy working on wonderful things for my lovely clients that I neglected my own shiz. BUT! I’m back, baby! First though, a story. A couple of years ago I started thinking that I wanted to […]

Don’t build your business with someone else’s product!

Hey pals! I wanted to talk about a pretty worrying trend that I keep seeing in various guises, from social media to online marketplaces, and it’s even in the world of web design. People are building their entire businesses on the back of someone else’s product. I don’t mean that they’re using someone else’s product […]

How I Prepare my Handmade Business for Christmas

I’ve been thinking about Christmas for months, as is the life of someone who makes and sells things for a living. The Christmas sales period (mid October to Christmas Day, and then the New Year’s sales period in January) usually accounts for around 35-40% of my product based business’s annual turnover. It’s a ridiculously busy period […]