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[standfirst]Your business needs a web presence. There’s no question about it. Whether you’re making quilts, drawing cats, coaching, or making jewellery – you need to leverage your business on the internet.[/standfirst]

Hi! I’m Kim. I help creative businesses and brands discover their online potential. How do I do that? Well, I offer awesome web design services, guides, and other resources to help you elevate your position online.

I come from a combined background of web design and running my own creative business online (have you heard of Finest Imaginary? That’s me, we got featured in Vogue – neato!). I know from firsthand experience just how important it is for small, creative businesses and brands to build their online arsenal, and I know exactly how to help you do that.

What I can do for you…

Through a combination of coaching, worksheets, courses, and design & development services, I can help you build your online presence.

  • Need a website? Yes you do! I can totally fix you up, get in touch.
  • Don’t know where to start? Stay tuned for my Quick Start Guide for creative businesses wanting to break into the online world.
  • Want to talk through your ideas with someone who’s been there? Awesome! I’ll be releasing my Mini-Mentoring services soon!
  • Want to go down the DIY approach, but want to get it right first time? Mmmhmm, we’ve all been there (hey, it’s exactly how I learnt this whole web design thing). Stand by for some courses in super-easy WordPress based web development.



Ready to make your online business explode? Yeah!

Take a look at some of my past work, read my blog with insights on living and working a creative life, check out what my clients say, then get in touch!